Are there any specific considerations for the education and healthcare of family members?

Are there any specific considerations for the education and healthcare of family members

Securing a Canada Start-Up Visa with Eterna International not only opens the door to entrepreneurial opportunities but also brings forth considerations for the education and healthcare of accompanying family members. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the specific considerations that entrepreneurs should be aware of, ensuring that the educational and healthcare needs of their families are met seamlessly in the Canadian landscape.

1. Educational Opportunities for Dependent Children:

Moving to Canada under the Canada Start-Up Visa program provides a unique opportunity for dependent children to access world-class education. Eterna International guides entrepreneurs in understanding the Canadian education system and assists in enrolling their children in suitable schools. Whether it’s elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education, our support ensures a smooth transition for the entire family.

2. Access to Renowned Educational Institutions:

Canada is home to globally recognized educational institutions and Eterna International ensures that entrepreneurs are well-informed about the available options. From prestigious universities to quality primary and secondary schools, we guide families in making informed decisions about the educational journey of their children. This aspect contributes to the holistic development and future prospects of the entire family.

3. Integration into Educational Programs:

Eterna International facilitates the integration of dependent children into various educational programs. Entrepreneurs are informed about extracurricular activities, language support services, and other initiatives that enhance the educational experience for their children. Our goal is to ensure that families feel confident about the educational journey their children embark on in Canada.

4. Healthcare Benefits for the Family:

Access to healthcare is a fundamental consideration for families moving to a new country. Eterna International provides detailed information about the healthcare benefits available under the Canada Start-Up visa program. This includes coverage options, enrollment processes in provincial healthcare plans, and an understanding the Canadian healthcare system. Our support extends to ensuring that families feel secure about their health and well-being in their new environment.

5. Understanding Provincial Healthcare Systems:

Canada’s healthcare system operates at the provincial level, and each province has its own healthcare plan. Eterna International educates entrepreneurs about the specific healthcare systems in the province they choose to settle in. This understanding is crucial for families to navigate healthcare services effectively and access the necessary medical support when needed.

6. Access to Family Doctors and Specialists:

Eterna International guides entrepreneurs in finding family doctors and specialists for their family members. Understanding the process of registering with a family doctor, accessing specialists, and utilizing healthcare services ensures that families can proactively manage their health. Our support extends to providing information about healthcare facilities and services available in the chosen location.

7. Mental Health Support for Families:

The well-being of family members goes beyond physical health, and Eterna International recognizes the importance of mental health support. We provide information about mental health services available in Canada, including counseling and support programs. Nurturing the mental well-being of family members is an integral part of our commitment to the overall health and happiness of our clients.

8. Success Stories in Family Well-Being:

Eterna International’s success stories extend to families who have not only successfully established businesses but have also thrived in their overall well-being in Canada. These stories exemplify the holistic approach that our support takes, ensuring that families feel supported in every aspect of their new life.

9. Eterna International: Your Partner in Family-Centric Success:

Choosing Eterna International means choosing a partner that values the health, happiness, and education of your entire family. Our commitment is to ensure that families feel confident and empowered in their new Canadian journey. We understand that success is most meaningful when shared with those who matter the most.


The Canada Start-Up Visa program, facilitated by Eterna International, is not just about individual entrepreneurial success—it’s about creating an environment where families thrive. As you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, rest assured that Eterna International is not just guiding businesses; we are nurturing the well-being and education of your loved ones. Choose Eterna International, where family-centric support is an integral part of your entrepreneurial success in the world of the Canada Start-Up Visa program.

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